Aida Arami

Armenian Singer / Songwriter

Aida Arami was born on 10 December 1989 in Yerevan, Armenia. Her style is primarily comprised of pop and pop-rock music. Lately she has been implementing a lot of ethnic elements into her music and music videos.

As a mere six-month-old infant, she had to move to a Siberian town with her parents. Growing up, she attended the local music school and formed a jazz band of her own as a teen, becoming rather popular in Surgut.

When Aida turned 20, she moved to London to receive professional education in music and pursue her career goals. The educational institutions of choice were TechMusicSchool (BIMM) London and The University of West London where Aida completed contemporary music and songwriting studies during the following several years. At this stage, she gained the expertise and experience to create her own songs - writing both music and lyrics from scratch - as well as record them. 

While studying, Aida worked on her first album, featuring songs in English, and landing gigs around the venues of London. The first song she wrote that was included in the album and received a music video later is titled ‘In Your Arms’. Thanks to this very song, Aida won the Grand Prix at the International Music Festival in Malta in 2023, placing first and receiving awards for the best voice and song.

In 2012, she moved to Yerevan to secure fame and renown in the local entertainment industry. This is when numerous tracks from the debut album finally received their own music videos, the songs being ‘Diamond’ and ‘In Your Arms’.  The years 2012 proved to be fruitful for our feisty auteur’s creative endeavors, as she also participated in ‘The Voice of Armenia’ around that time, advancing to semifinals of the project. More music videos for the artist’s existing songs saw the light of day in the following years.

The first song written by Aida Arami in Armenian was ‘Bayc togh’ in 2014. The song got so popular that, to this day, many singers use it as an exam song or a hard vocal one to take part in TV projects. 

Today, Aida Arami is an enthusiastic artist with a portfolio of over thirty original songs written by her. She performs live on a regular basis and schedules unique shows weekly, displaying ardor for the world of music. The creative star of Aida Arami shines brighter than ever, illuminating the music industry with groovy soul, ethnographic pop and jazz works of art.